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Arbitration of international business disputes [Texte imprimé] : studies in law and practice

Park, William W ; cop. 2012

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  • Titre:
    Arbitration of international business disputes [Texte imprimé] : studies in law and practice
  • Auteur: Park, William W
  • Sujets: Droit commercial (droit international) ;
    Arbitrage (droit international privé) ;
    Arbitrage (droit)
  • Identifiant: ISBN 978-0-19-965713-1 ;ISBN 0-19-965713-0 ; PPN175000972 ; 000432883
  • Date de publication: cop. 2012
  • Éditeur: Oxford : Oxford University Press
  • Édition: 2nd ed.
  • Format: 1 vol. (CV-793 p.) ; 25 cm
  • Langue: Anglais
  • Pays d'édition: Royaume-Uni
  • Note(s): I. The Nature of International Business Arbitration$b1: Change and Continuity: The Maturing of Arbitration
    2: Arbitrator Integrity
    3: Arbitration and Accuracy
    4: The Politics of Arbitration
    5: Arbitration s Procedural MatrixbII. Legal Framework: Courts, Statutes and Treaties
    A. Arbitral Jurisdiction
    1: Who Decides What? A Comment on Lesotho Highlands
    2: The Arbitrability Dicta in First Options
    3: The Contours of Arbitral Jurisdiction
    4: Private Adjudicators and the Public Interest
    5: The Arbitrator s Jurisdiction to Determine Jurisdiction
    6: Non-Signatories and International Contracts
    B. Judicial Supervision
    1: Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?
    2: Why Courts Review Arbitral Awards
    3: The Arbitral Situs and Lex Loci Arbitri
    4: Saving the FAA
    C. The Effect of Annulment
    1: What is to be Done with Annulled Awards?
    2: Duty and Discretion in International Arbitration
    D. The Architecture of Arbitration
    1: The Interaction of Courts and Arbitrators in England
    2: Amending the Federal Arbitration Act
    3: National Constraints on International Arbitration
    4: The International Currency of Awards
    5: Convention Violations and Investment Claims
    6: Treaty Obligations and National Law
    E. The Contractual Context
    1: A Cautionary Tale About Hometown Justice
    2: The Arbitration Clause: Drafting Considerations
    III. Arbitral Proceedings: Establishing the Facts and Applying the Law
    A. Counterpoise Between Fairness and Efficiency
    1: Arbitration s Discontents: Of Elephants and Pornography
    2: The Value of Rules and the Risks of Discretion
    3: Two Faces of Progress
    4: The Four Musketeers of Arbitral Duty
    B. Substantive Norms
    1: National Law and Commercial Justice
    2: Neutrality, Predictability and Economic Cooperation
    3: Lex Mercatoria
    4: Rules and Standards in Private International Law
    5: The Uses of Comparative Law in Arbitration
    6: Framing the Case on Quantum
    C. Procedural Norms
    1: The Procedural Soft Law of International Arbitration
    2: Procedural Default Rules Revisited
    IV. Selected Issues for Further Study
    A. Financial Transactions
    1: Arbitration in Banking and Finance
    2: Mass Claims and Dormant Swiss Accounts
    B. Intellectual Property
    1: Betting the Family Jewels: Intellectual Property
    C. Taxation
    1: Arbitrability and Tax
    D. Investment Arbitration
    1: The Challenge of Sovereignty
    2: The New Face of Investment Arbitration
    3: Legal Issues in the Third World s Economic Development
    E. Comparing Arbitration and Court Selection
    1: The Hague Choice of Court Convention
    2: Bridging the Gap in Forum Selection
    3: When and Why Arbitration Matters
  • Source: Catalogue Cujas

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